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Areas of Business

Areas of Business

The effect of globalisation and the pressure of the changes to which companies are increasingly subject, generate a need for constant monitoring of market trends and of existing financing options, as well as of management decisions.

Risks are increasing all the time, requiring added attention from business owners and urging them to take faster and tougher decisions.

In this context, specialised advisory and consultancy services have become an important tool in helping to define strategies for the development of companies and projects.

Viabiliti operates mainly in the following areas:

  • Tax Benefits;

    Preparation of Tourism Utility status applications or access to tax benefits granted under Portuguese Decree-Law 249/09, of 23 September, which offers the possibility of total or partial exemption from property taxes, a reduction in stamp duty on notary acts and/or corporation tax credit.

  • Financial Planning;

    During the preparation of the architectural designs, Viabiliti can "think over" the business with the design team, maximising solutions and optimising the development in terms of revenue. During the project implementation, Viabiliti provides financial supervision to optimise subsidy applications, streamlining procedures and reducing waiting times for the receipt of funding.

  • Strategic Analysis;

    The implementation of an investment project depends on the expediency and definition of the concept to be implemented. Viabiliti has a technical team that is specialised in searching for the best design and financial solutions, developing Market Studies and working on the Definition of Concepts for future investments.

  • Funding Requests;

    To help fund projects, Viabiliti can provide studies aimed at obtaining bank financing, bank guarantees, and backing from venture capital investors or real-estate funds.

  • Subsidy Applications;

    Optimising projects involves reducing the application of equity and reducing or replacing the use of more expense loans. Viabiliti studies the relevance of existing financial incentives to projects, prepares applications and monitors them until the incentive agreements are signed. In addition, it prepares access to bank financing with interest rate subsidies.

  • Business Assessment.

An existing business can be optimised, in which case Viabiliti will study its components, presenting solutions or parameterising financial scenarios to create more value for the company or for the set of developments involved.