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Viabiliti Financial Management, Lda. is a company specialising in financial advisory and consultancy services in the areas of tourism and renewable energy for all types of investment. It provides assistance with initial project planning and also becomes involved during project restructuring stages.


As a company specialising in financial advisory services, Viabiliti seeks to gain the trust of its clients and partners, helping them to reach the focus and prestige they deserve in their business sectors.


To be a partner for investors, gauging the best financial opportunities that can generate value for companies and their projects.

Value for Money

For Viabiliti, Value for Money is one of the most important concepts in the implementation of an investment project.

The concept of Value for Money should be understood as the implementation of the best project in accordance with the financing available to investors, whether through their own assets or obtained externally. This means that Viabiliti, in the development of its financial advisory and consultancy services, seeks the best strategy to determine the value of money, using criteria of efficiency, effectiveness and economy for this purpose.